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Insight into all the different factors you need to know when purchasing your first home. The First Home Buyers Guide is 100+ pages of jam packed information, tips and tools. Helping to make you just a little bit dangerous when it comes to saving for a deposit, sourcing, buying the right property and securing finance.

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Businessman with sea shell isolated on white studio background

To get an idea of what its like to buy your home when you’re young, busy and relatively care free, think about a sea shell.

At first glance, a sea shell, like this, seems very simple and elegant – a perfect home for the nautilus that lives within it. But to arrive at that elegant simplicity, many very complex processes have to take place with the nautilus and with the shell. If even one is missed or done incorrectly, the whole operation goes awry.

Buying a home, which at first glance also seems a simple enough undertaking, is just as complex, just as intricate and, often, just as fraught with possible missteps. Especially when you are a busy and don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to the endeavour.

The nautilus uses instinct, which has been honed over hundreds of thousands of years, to solve all the problems it might encounter with its home. Humans, unfortunately, have had no such advantage. Until now.

Now you, and others humans like you, can gain access to The Buyers Guide S.M.A.R.T service – a comprehensive compendium of virtually everything you need to know to successfully buy your first home. It’s like instinct in a website form.

Now put your PC or mobile device to your ear and see if you can hear the ocean.

[ Why get S.M.A.R.T? ]

Quite simply to help you in the home buying process to:

Stop staggering and start
Make it happen through money management
Adventure, getting out into the market
Rule the roost
Take on tips and tricks among other things.

S.M.A.R.T is an ongoing five webinar series giving you the ultimate ‘know how’ toolbox. Joining S.M.A.R.T means that you’ll also gain access to:
Over 80 additional videos explaining all things property and lending related
Free Australian Property Monitors Reports for detailed home price guides
Templates to assist with budgeting, property research, negotiation and much more
eBook copy of The First Home Buyers Guide
In-depth and personal one-to-one strategy session to get you ‘buyer ready’
Home loan assessment against a wide panel of lenders and 100’s of loans
Exclusive access to competition beating interest rates.
We are offering all of this to help you ideally become ‘buyer ready’ within five weeks of joining S.M.A.R.T.

We’re not stopping there either! When you purchase your home you will gain access to our Concierge Service through our partner network. This includes:
90 days complimentary building insurance
Free roadside assistance, with motor insurance policy
Affordable solution to Loan Protection Insurance, giving you peace of mind
Discounted electricity and gas connection.
*** T’s & C’s will apply ***
You can gain access to S.M.A.R.T for one payment of $97 which is exceptional value and a very small price to pay to get you in your home sooner! If for any reason, at any point in time, you feel it’s not right for you, we’ll refund your money. NO questions asked! There is nothing to lose, so GET S.M.A.R.T by registering today. 

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